Nestor x New Amsterdam

Portrait of Nestor one the wonderful people at New Amsterdam




Another character from the Who is Amsterdam Tour. Shot in May 2018.


It was mega.

Who is Amsterdam - Rose

Part of a series for the Who is Amsterdam Tour.

Samuel for AVANTI

Another one for Avanti. This time a piece by Samuel Gerrets

Mounir for Avanti

Beri Shalmashi’s heart is as big as this earth. Among a million things she does for us  - building a truly inclusive society is one of them. I’m very honored to take part in this project that is supported by the city of Almere.
Thank you Masha for letting me join your ranks on this platform. Couldn’t imagine a better place to live together!

Read Mounir's essay in Dutch on


Somewhere in Tuscany this summer

Lion king turned one

The nice thing about wedding photos  ( see all the way down in the blog ) that they lead to birthday photos.


Me and Joe met when I was doing a production job for S7 last year at W+K. A wonderful person with whom I share a common love for cinema. Joe recently joined a production company in the UK called 2AM films,  So we went out on a cloudy Saturday morning to take nice portrait of him.


Another Java street occupant... spent a lovely afternoon with him and his son in their Surinamese restaurant. We chatted about food and faith and where home might be..


Shukry. If somebody has a story to tell its this guy . Speaks 7 languages. Has a wife and child with him here in the Netherlands. Fled from Irak. Returned to Irak. Dreams of moving to the States to join the rest of the family. Never seen a man work that hard and focused. Before he told me about himself two hours went by as I silently watched him bake away. I asked him what makes you work that hard. "The bread must be beautiful ".

Fashion for Good

We spent a lovely two days in July witnessing the brightest minds in the fashion industry shaping their projects and our future alongside industry leaders at the Fashion for Good event in Amsterdam.